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scooters on the Malecon La paz bcs mexico

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At Scooter Rentals, we have been providing a straightforward and convenient solution for scooter rentals in La Paz for the past two years. If you're seeking a compact and efficient mode of transport, we have the perfect scooter options that perfectly suit your needs. Our pricing is budget-friendly and our booking process ensures a smooth and seamless experience.


Top Rentals

Scooter in front of Cathedral in La Paz

Honda Navi

This is one of our newest listings, The Navi’s small but mighty 109 cc single-cylinder engine provides plenty of go-power for hopping around the city, yet is easy to control for new riders just getting up to speed.


Experience effortless advancement with our DS150 scooter. Designed for simplicity and versatility, this scooter seamlessly integrates into all facets of your life, providing unparalleled comfort and effortless maneuverability. Whether you're navigating busy streets or embarking on leisurely journeys, this scooter ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride every time, making it the perfect companion for all your activities.

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Mariano Abosolo 2480, La Paz, BCS, Mexico 23010

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